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Technology park

Agricultural science and technology park is a new social organization form conform to the developing of China's rural economy and rural characteristics, and it is a modern agriculture demonstration base with a few  functions, like in a particular area, use the concentration of capital investment to display agricultural high-tech, to proceed excellent agricultural production, seedling breeding, technical training, and tourism.

 One part of the urban agriculture park in Saihan district of Huhehaote is 2000 acres of water-saving irrigation demonstration, through the concentrated the growing area of crops such as corn, using the application of drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and other modern agricultural technology, we can realize the agricultural intensification, mechanized production, greatly promote the economic benefits; The other part is more than 3000 acres of modern facility agriculture planting area, including 1000 building facilities agriculture shed and 1000 square meters of intelligent multi-span greenhouse, with supporting constructions like a seed production center, water cube observation platform and ecological restaurant. These formed a multi-functional modern agriculture characteristics sightseeing park with the nucleus of agricultural production, tourism and picking, popular science education, new technology research and development, science and technology training services, the second classroom of schools, leisure vacation and catering. At the same time of realizing agricultural intensive production, improving the economic benefit, promote the peasants' income employment.

 Ring greenhouse has an area of 13800 square meters, an external diameter of 150 meters and an internal diameter of 70 meters. It is divided into five subject areas, area1 with the theme of agricultural expo, area2 with the theme of agricultural wonders, area3 with the theme of farming vegetable garden, area4 with the theme of profusion garden, area5 with the theme of austral amorous feelings.

 Square greenhouse is a water cube observation platform, whose the area is 1444 square meters, 38 meters long, 38 meters width and 12 meters high. Its theme is tropical rain forest botanical garden.

 The area of ecological restaurant is 10886 square meters, 112 meters long, 97.2 meters wide. Architectural form is Venlo type multi-span greenhouse. It will let the customer enjoy the delicious food, at the same time realize the breath of the nature.