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Production base

Our factory has a complete set of production "几" type steel cold roll forming unit and punching machine, slitting, hot dip galvanized and other production equipment, we can make skeleton in a single processing molding, our products are unity, and standardization degree is high, the main production is multi-span greenhouse skeleton and supporting facilities products (" 几"type steel, etc.), and the sunlight greenhouse skeleton, the galvanized quality meets with national industry standards,  we galvanized over 15000 tons every year.

Unique "几" type steel arch purlin structure, which can effectively solve the caused by the temperature difference between inside and outside greenhouse did phenomenon, can effectively solve the problem of greenhouse condensation in winter. The overall structure has tougher strength and be more beautiful. The "几" type section main specification: 70mm*40mm, 50mm*30mm, 30mm*20mm,and thickness is 1.5 mm. Steel frame are suitable for all kinds of greenhouse, such as planting/breeding greenhouse, the appreciation of the greenhouse, greenhouse, ecological restaurant greenhouse, solar greenhouse, etc.

We would like to offer high-quality products and reasonable price for the friends from all walks of life to provide satisfactory service.