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President Jinping Xi visited Inner Mongolia Hexinyuan Anti-drought grass green Company which is in close cooperation with our company.

Beijing Greenhouse2014/1/30 8:51:03

Xinhua Beijing January 28, according to Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" microblogging  reported that President Jinping Xi arrived in the morning of the 28th and Inner Mongolia Hexinyuan Anti-drought grass green Company ‘s institute of plant.

   "  The grass can survive more than 30 degrees below zero, a special water-saving." And letter Park   Ltd Mongolia grass green greenhouse in the drought, the responsible persons to Xi introduced domesticated cultivated evergreen Carnation, Shandan, red fescue and other resistance drought hardy grass, President Jinping Xi was impressive. He said Green only engage in "plants" is not continuable, to go a green road which meet our country’s conditions .

 Inner Mongolia Hexinyuan Anti-drought grass green Company  was established in 2001, under the drought plants, grassland ecosystems, saline land improvement and other Institute, specializing in grassland restoration and ecological environment in arid and semi-arid regions domesticated wild native plant introduction and application promotion. Mongolia has 7,000 acres of grass seedling production base, growing more than 140 varieties of grass production Mongolia, Mongolian grass drought resistance of plants to carry out large-scale production and propagation.